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What is the InteleViewer URL?

The URL for the InteleViewer Portal is https://online.drjones.com.au

How do I get an account?

Complete the New Referrers form.

What do I do if my account is locked?

If you have locked your account (after too many consecutive failed logins), please call 1800 810 655 or email support@drjones.com.au and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

How do I get access to a patient’s old images if I didn’t refer them?

What do I do if I don’t know my password?

You can call Dr Jones Online 24/7 support on 1800 810 655. Alternatively, you can email support@drjones.com.au.

How can I use this on my Mac computer?

View the InteleViewer Mac install / download page. Refer to instructions on the accessing AWI (Dr Jones) Online page.

How do I print the report if I need to?

You can export reports as a PDF file, viewable with Adobe Reader.

When viewing a case, go to “File” > “Export Report to PDF…”.

Download Adobe PDF Reader

How do I have more than one viewport on InteleViewer (i.e. split the screen up)?

By pressing the number keys on your keypad, you can choose how many viewports are open on your screen. Press 1 for one viewport, 2 for a twin screen and so on.

How can I export images?

To export single images to the Desktop as JPG image (e.g. for a presentation), select the required image, then go to “File” > “Export jpeg” (or press CTRL + E).

To export the whole study as raw DICOM data (e.g. for further processing in third party software tools), select “File” > “Export DICOM”, end select a destination folder for export.

For more information, or help using this feature, please call 1800 810 655 or email support@drjones.com.au

Can I get email notifications when imaging is performed on one of my patients?

Yes, InteleConnect can be configured to send an email when imaging or report is made available for a referred study. To activate InteleConnect notifications, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to InteleConnect.
    2. On the upper right side of the InteleConnect user interface, click the link to “Profile”.
    3. On the Account tab – ensure the email address is the destination you would like the notifications sent.
    4. Update and save if required.
    5. Click on the “Notifications” tab.
    6. Apply checkboxes to delivery options as preferred.
    7. Click Save.Note: ensure “Send events by email” is checked.

How can I identify which CT series will be best to look at rather than load all of them which takes too long?

Generally for CT Scans, the image series that will give you a quick, yet still very informative summary is the first set of axial images (from the left) shown in the thumbnail view at the top of the InteleViewer screen.

Referrers – for questions regarding our service please contact your Medical Liaison Officer.